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Clinical Decision Support Tools to Support Screening and Management of Children with Overweight and Obesity

Connect for Health clinical decision support tools        are designed to:

  • align with existing practice workflows, and internal performance metrics.
  • meet the needs of clinicians and staff, and
  • ensure high quality care.

Components include:

An alert for children
with elevated BMI

Triggered by recorded height and weight measurements and designed to alert the medical team to the
patient’s BMI and remind them to access
Connect for Health tools.

Recommendations for laboratory evaluations

The use of diagnosis codes

Standardized recommendations

For consistency in counseling on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and social and emotional wellness

Referrals for treatment

To connect families to external support services, such as nutrition, behavioral health, or a multi-disciplinary clinic or program for weight management


To ensure continued care for weight management
and support for families.

Family-facing tools to help clinicians educate patient families and guide discussions around behavioral changes, include:

Patient Education Handouts

that focus on the primary behaviors associated with weight, including sleep, screen time, drink choices, establishing a balanced nutrition plan, and physical activity. Materials on social and emotional health and community resources.

Text Messaging Program

that offers families regular, automated messages for ongoing support and encouragement around behavior change for weight management.