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Motivational Interviewing

Developed by the AAP and the Institute for Child Healthy Weight, this web-based module and mobile app are designed to help health professionals utilize MI techniques to navigate challenging family and patient conversations regarding childhood obesity. Change Talk offers a virtual practice environment in which health care providers assume the role of the virtual pediatrician and engage in a conversation where they decide what to say to a mother and her son who display individual personalities, emotions, and memories. Through the conversation, the user learns to apply MI techniques to help the virtual patient and family identify motivation for change, supporting them to implement modifications to their diet, screen time habits, and exercise routines.

In these interactive programs developed by Kaiser Permanente, you’ll learn and practice the Brief Negotiation (BN) method with realistic, simulated patient encounters. Brief Negotiation focuses on building skills to enhance your clinical style, assess your patient’s readiness to change, amplify your patient’s motivation, and work effectively with challenging patients. One module is specifically focused on pediatric overweight.

Motivational Interviewing and Dietary Counseling for Obesity in Primary Care: An RCT

Kenneth Resnicow, PhD, Fiona McMaster, PhD, […], and Richard C. Wasserman, MD, MPH
Pediatrics, 135(4):649-57
Few studies have tested the impact of motivational interviewing (MI) delivered by primary care providers on pediatric obesity. This study tested the efficacy of MI delivered by providers and registered dietitians (RDs) to parents of overweight children aged 2 through 8.