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Telehealth Tips: Things You Can Still Do





Connect for Health: Clinician Telehealth Tip Guide

Order Referrals and Laboratory Tests

Pediatric specialists, such as endocrinologists or gastroenterologists, are available to care for children. Other services like mental health specialists, nutrition, pediatric weight management programs and lab services (if appropriate) are available too. Remind families that calling each clinician’s office is the best way to determine if a virtual visit or an in-person visit is best for their individual circumstances. When in-person care or labs are indicated, discuss with families that unprecedented steps are being taken to ensure everyone’s safety when coming into the hospital, clinics and labs. Some examples include widespread screening, enhanced cleaning protocols and rearrangement of spaces to allow for physical distancing.

Share Resources with Families

For all patient handouts, direct families to the Connect for Health website, If your clinic has the capacity to send handouts by mail, ask parents if they would prefer this.


For telephone visits:

Use frequent empathic statements and smile even if the patient can’t see you.

For video visits:

Raise the webcam to eye level and make sure your face is centered on the screen


The National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers website has a variety of resources that may be useful for your telehealth practice.